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Seaproven, a French company specialised in maritime research and development, has created this vessel. Its main objective is to make daily life easier for sailors and navigators by offering them the boats of the future with innovating solutions.


The innovating design of this asymmetrical multihull, combining a big hull with a smaller one, enables it not only to be particularly stable by reducing the pitch and roll, but also to be super light and fast, as well as to consume very little energy.

As part of the SPHYRNA project, Seaproven focused its research and development project on the production of two boats.


After more than two years of research, SPHYRNA 55 left the workshops in September 2013. This prototype was used to validate various aspects of the project including the concept of an asymmetric multihull ensuring that it significantly reduced platform movement.
Numerous tests have also validated the hull patterns and the engine type.


All in all The SPHYRNA 55 tests have been very successful and Seaproven is currently in the process of completing SPHYRNA 70 .

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